Spring session, September 2022

Lunchtime performers: Second Idol (SYD), Nina Leo (CBR), Nat Vazer (MELB), Aphir (MELB), and Lily Morris (MELB)

Workshops: Songwriting with Lily Morris and Flik, zine-making with Zora and Zhi, screen-printing with Megalo, DIY gigs and band posters with Phoebe, performance workshop with mentors.

GR!C photographer: Kelly Sturgiss
Poster: Hannah Minter

Autumn session, April 2022

Condensed COVIDsafe program (4 and a half days)

Lunchtime performers: 莎瑜 (ShaYu), Sesame Girl, Dog World, and Volta Hymn

Workshops: Songwriting with Yasmine Hosseini (Dog World), t-shirt design and screen printing with Alex Lundy of Megalo Print Studio, basketweaving with Angela of Emily Gatherings, and performance with Cathy Diver and Flik

GR!C photographer: Lily Morris
Poster: Joanne Leong

Spring session, Sept/Oct 2019

Lunchtime performers: Plastic Plants (CBR), Princi (SYD), Chitra (MELB), Dog Name (CBR), Neko Pink (CBR), and special acoustic performances by Angie McMahon (MELB) and Haley Heynderickx (USA)

Workshops: Songwriting with Julia Johnson, experimental voices , zine making with Canberra Zine Emporium, Self Care and Confidence with Princi, screenprinting and logo design with Alex Lundy and Bohie Palecek, DIY music community with the interns, dance floor confidence, post-camp self care, and Music Industry 101 with MusicACT (Intern-only workshop).

Guest talks: Sound engineer Becki Whitton, musician and tour manager Rebel Yell, and sound designer and radio presenter Marisa Marsionis

GR!C photographer: Alex Lundy
Poster: Bohie Palecek

Winter session, July 2018

Lunchtime performers: Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers (CBR), LÂLKA (BNE), Olympia (MELB), Okin Osan (SYD) and Slagatha Christie (CBR)

Workshops: Songwriting with Jess Green, dance workshop with Groove Therapy, zine-making with Salad Days, self defence, improv comedy with Laura Hart, screen-printing, DIY with Mulgara, poetry performances from Gabrielle Journey Jones and Ellie Malbon, exploring your creative practice with Olympia.

GR!C photographer: Kelly Sturgiss
Poster: Nadia Ingrid Hooten

Winter session, July 2017

Lunchtime performers: Cable Ties (MELB), Rainbow Chan (SYD), Leah Senior (MELB), and Moaning Lisa (CBR) and Carb On Carb (NZ).

Workshops: Listen In (sharing music), songwriting, self-defence, music history, experimental music, band merch (including screen-printing + poster-making), zine making, community + music with Genna Alexopoulos of Super Duper PR, building confidence with Ruth O’Brien, Creative Gains (roles within the music industry beyond being a performer) with Signal Creative.

GR!C photographer: Monica Styles
Poster: Ashley Ronning

Summer session, January 2016

Lunchtime performers: The Rangoons (SYD), Wives (CBR), Aphir (MELB), Pleather & Pain (Courtney Barnett, Jen Cloher and Steph Hughes), and The Show Ponies (feat. GR!C instrument instructors)

Workshops: Songwriting with Courtney Barnett and Jen Cloher, zine-making, band merchandise (including screen-printing band shirts and badge making), self-care (the importance of looking after yourself), music history,  how to start a record label with Milk! Records, Feminism & Gender 101 with Zoya Patel (Feminartsy), and improv comedy.

GR!C photographer: Mia Mala McDonald
Poster: Eadie Newman