Are you passionate about fostering the next generation of musicians? Become a mentor at the upcoming Spring session of our Rock Camp!

Our mentors are integral to providing a safe and dynamic environment for our campers and encouraging them to express their creativity while learning not to apologise for who they are. Scroll on for role description details and application forms. Applications have been extended and are now due midnight Monday 10th of July. To apply, fill out a form

I want to apply to be a mentor! What kinds of things do I need to know?
This year, Rock Camp will run from Monday 25th of September to Friday 29th of September, 9am-4:00pm, with a showcase on Saturday 30th September. All mentors will need to attend an orientation session on Saturday 23rd of September, 1-4pm.

Rock Camp is held at Ainslie Arts Centre in Braddon. 

Each position has two essential requirements, plus other requirements and duties specific to the role. All staff and volunteer mentors must:

  • Have a current and valid ACT Working With Vulnerable People registration (or equivalent interstate registration) throughout the entirety of the program. This must be obtained by the applicant and provided prior to the beginning of the program. 
  • Hold views and values that align with those of Rock Camp, in particular committed to inclusion and diversity, and providing a safe space for young people in which they can experiment with music and their identities free from judgement.

We have a limited number of mentor roles, and while we accept applications from interstaters, we prioritise applications from Canberra and surrounding regions (ie. Braidwood, Yass, Goulburn). 

If you have been convicted of sexual harassment, sexual assault, physical harassment, assault, or any violent crime you will not be eligible to participate at Rock Camp. Accusations of any serious crimes such as those mentioned above will be taken into account. 

We will treat all applications with confidentiality and hold applicants’ information in a private online drive.

Recruitment Process
After you submit your application, we will shortlist applicants and contact you for a phone interview (this is just a 15 minute call!). We will confirm your role via email in late July.

Mentor Roles

To apply to be a mentor for our upcoming Rock Camp Spring Session, please read the detailed information below and fill in an online application form

Please note: As we are an organisation working to increase the participation of young people of marginalised gender identities in music, all mentor positions are open to people of marginalised gender identities. This includes women (transgender and cisgender), transgender men, and gender diverse and intersex people. We recognise that gender is self-identified, and that there is a variety of language people may use to best express their experience of gender.

Additionally, we do not offer mentorship positions to cisgender men – there are other ways you can get involved, including donating money, lending gear for the week, and helping promote the program through sharing on social media. Please and thank you!

All mentors are welcome to stay for lunch and the daily lunchtime performance. Camp runs from 9am each day, with lunch at 12pm and lunchtime performance from a local band at 12.30pm.

While mentoring is a volunteer position, we recognise the energy, time and expertise of our mentors through paying our mentors an honorarium. All roles are paid an honorarium of $500, which you may invoice for after Camp. 

Band Coaches
Band Coaches are assigned to one band for the duration of the week. Partnering with a Band Manager you’ll work as a team to facilitate the band during their band practice and help the band members prepare for their live performance at the end of the week. As Band Coach, you will guide campers in all aspects of working in a band including setting up on stage, tuning, songwriting, stage presence, learning to play as a group and learning to listen to one another. Band Coaches bring their experience of creating and playing music (of any genre) to this role. 

Time commitment:
Camp Orientation: Saturday 23rd September 1-4pm.
Band Practice: Monday 25 September -Thursday 28th Sept: 1:30pm – 4:30pm. Plus Friday 29th September: 11am – 4:30pm.
Showcase: Saturday 30  September, 1-4pm 

Band Managers
Band Managers provide support, advice and endless encouragement for their band throughout the week, while promoting healthy band dynamics. Working with the Band Coach, you’ll accompany your band as they move through songwriting and rehearsals, help them come up with a band name and logo, lead break time activities, and more. Band Managers will have experience working with young people, no musical experience is required for this role. 

Time commitment:
Camp Orientation: Saturday 23rd September 1-4pm.
Band Practice: Monday 25 Sept -Thursday 28th September: 1:30pm – 4:30pm. Plus Friday 29th September: 11am – 4:30pm.
Showcase: Saturday 30 September, 1-4pm 

Instrument Instructors
As an Instrument Instructor, you will be proficient in the instrument you are teaching (guitar, bass, drums, vocals or electronic music), and you are flexible and able to cater to different skill levels. Some participants have been taking lessons for years, while some may have never picked up their chosen (or any) instrument before this week! You will need to produce a class plan for the week (we can help you with this!). This does not need to be overly formal – you’re just teaching enough for each participant to be able to write a song by the end of the week. Instrument Instructors will be teaching the class in pairs.

Time commitment:
Camp Orientation: Saturday 23rd September 1-4pm.
Instrument Instruction: Monday 25 September – Thursday 28 September: 11am – 12:30pm. Plus Friday 29 Sept: 11am – 4:30pm.
Showcase: Saturday 30  September, 1-4pm 

Applications close midnight Monday 10th July 2023.

If you have any questions about the roles or applying, please get in touch! If you would like to be involved but are not sure if you have the right skills, have a chat with us! We may have other ways you can help. Email us at